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Producător: AUTOWATCH
Cod produs: 0106
Disponibilitate: 4
Preţ: 550,00RON
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AUTOWATCH KS 999 GPS/GSM Tracker / Pager
- Pager GSM Dual Band G3
- 16 Channel GPS corelator
- Garantie 1 an

KS-999 este a combinatie a doua echipamente, o unitate GPS Tracking si o unitate Pager GSM Paging care poate fi instalata la autovehicule cu 12-24 volti.
Sistemul poate fi instalat si poate functiona ca un echipament individual (stand alone) sau impreuna cu un sistem de alarma auto. 

Nu necesita controlul prin intermediul unei statii de baza, ci este controlat chiar de catre utilizator.

Setul contine :
- Unitate Centrala
- Antena cu Cablu 
- LED de Stare
- Set Cabluri cu Conectori si LED de Stare
- Manual Instalare si Utilizare
- NU include SIM card

Caracteristici & Functii :

Mobile phone / GSM text messaging paging
Warning text messages for:
* Alarm trigger
* Low battery power
* Low back-up battery power
*GSM Signal not available
* GPS Signal not ready
* GPS Signal not available
* GPS Last position fixed at xx xx'xx.xx"N, xxx xx'xx.xx"E
* GPS current position fixed at  xx xx'xx.xx"N, xxx xx'xx.xx"E
Simple SMS text for control; and requests to system
Lock or unlock doors from mobile phone via SMS text
Immobilise vehicle from mobile phone via SMS text
Panic trigger the horne from the mobile phone via SMS text
Password change from the mobile phone via SMS text
You may may check the vehicles position from either: (no download required) (download required)
16 Channel GPS correlator
Cold start signal acquisition (34s)
Suitable for 12 volt & 24 volt vehicles
Low battery monitoring for 12 volt vehicles only
Low back-up battery monitoring
Suitable for factory fitted systems (OEM)
Suitable for after market alarm systems
No monthly subscriptions
Uses pay-as-you-go  or pay monthly SIM card
Always connected to the GSM network
Instant triggering when alarm sounds
Dual colour status LED for GSM/GPS signal coverage
LED indicactor will let you know when you have good area coverage
Easy to use and easy set-up with no software needed
Contacts one mobile phone
Choice of 1,2 or 3 warning messages sent per alarm cycle
Trigger input  for either +ve or -ve input
Hibernate mode when in low power
Low power consumption with only 5mA in standby and 10mA when armed

The KS-999 can be used on any vehicle where there is a need to know where it is at any time or be notified if your alarm is triggered.

The Global positioning system's (GPS) function of the 
unit is to establish the longitude and latitude co-ordinates 
of where the system is, using more than three of the 
satellites orbiting the earth to pinpoint the location, and the GSM side of the system is used to send that information via the GSM network from the system in your vehicle to your phone.

These co-ordinates are then punched into a computer website and the location of the vehicle is displayed on a map showing it's position.

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