Ancora Fixare XGA-01

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Ancora Fixare XGA-01

Ancora Fixare XGA-01

Ancora Fixare / Ground Anchor XGA-01 ... Află mai mult »

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Ancora Fixare XGA-01

Ancora Fixare / Ground Anchor XGA-01
NEW! Ultra-High Security 

The high-performance XGA Series of single-bolt ground anchors features a brand new design that installs in minutes. Folds flat when not in use, safe to drive over.

An innovative, concentric-circle design makes them virtually indestructible. Fix to floor or wall with a single bolt. Swings through 360 degrees for added convenience, ideal for securing motorcycles, trailers, quad bikes, jetskis, skidoos and more.

Ideal for use with: 
XENA Bullett Lock Alarms, 
Claw Disc-Lock Adaptor & XC Chain

What's in the box:
-Outer swivel circle 
-Inner base circle 
-Bolt cap 
-Bolt & expanding nut 
-Hexagon key 
-20mm masonry drill bit

Weight: 704g
Diameter: 92mm
Max. Gap Height: 22mm
Shackle: 13mm
Base Height: 12mm

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