XENA XA201 - Alarma & Telecomanda

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XENA XA201 - Alarma & Telecomanda

XENA XA201 - Alarma & Telecomanda

XA201 - Alarma cu Senzor PIR si Telecomanda... Află mai mult »

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XENA XA201 - Alarma & Telecomanda

XA201 - Alarma cu Senzor PIR si Telecomanda 
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The XENA XA201 sets up a 20ft. (6m) zone in your home, garage or caravan. Uses passive infrared sensors to detect intruders and when triggered sounds a blaring 135dB alarm. Programmable battery-operated keyfob operates the unit remotely.

Easy to install: simply mount, insert batteries and activate or deactivate using the remote provided; your garage is now protected. A 15-second delay allows the user to enter the disarm code without triggering the siren. Once triggered, the siren sounds for 30 seconds before resetting.

Infrared Beam 
20ft. (6m) Range 
135dB Alarm 
Code Activation 
Built Tough

4 x Alkaline AA batteries

Battery life: 
Approximately four months (based on five arm-and-disarm cycles per day, alarm activation four times per day).

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