Sisteme Electronice de Control...

Sisteme Electronice de Control pentru Autovehicule

Zeta Automotive este producator si furnizor de marca pentru sisteme electronice de control al autovehiculelor si echipamente electronice privind managementul motoarelor auto.

The Double-Award winning dynamic throttle controller that's been proven to cut fuel consumption by up to 15%. Currently available for an ever increasing range of vehicles, this product is branded as "ExcelArate" by Mercedes Benz UK.

  For engine management, speed control, idle cutout, key out and anti-hijack immobilisation, the Zeta CANcontroller is easily fitted in under an hour.

We are a highly innovative company dedicated to offering a range of electronic solutions especially suited to fuel saving technology and harsh environments. We are committed to continued product innovation and development with new projects always in the pipeline.

Introducing ZICO (pronounced "zeeco") - Zeta's engine idle cut-out device that can be fitted to almost any EURO IV or EURO V truck, bus or coach. Zeta's ZICO unit provides an intelligent and low-cost solution to reduce engine idling. ZICO offers a simple, no-compromise solution to improving vehicle running costs and reducing environmental impact.

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